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We at Vyedam Naturist Resort have always respected the freedom and individuality of the naturist members and visitors to Vyedam and have laid down the following rules:

  • Please respect your fellow visitors at the resort. 
  • Couples and singles are welcome.
  • Clothes are not optional, we are clothes free! (Weather permitting)
  • Taking photos of any people are not permitted without their direct consent and permission!
  • No music at any of the accommodation is allowed.
  • For hygenic purposes, always sit on your towel.
  • Splashing is not permitted in the pool.
  • As we are a family orientated resort, public sexual activity is strictly forbidden.
  • Abusive and foul language will not be tolerated.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to behaviour which is considered out of line – we will deal with this in an appropriate fashion.
  • Bringing your own alcohol to or put it in the bar area is strictly forbidden!
  • Fees and levies are payable in advance in all instances (on arrival for day visitors).
  • Fires must be made in the facilities provided and no fauna or flora must be disturbed.
  • Do not chase or disturb the farm animals.
  • No pets are allowed at all!.
  • Children making use of our facilities must be under their guardians supervision, this is especially important regarding the trampoline and the swimming pool.
  • Clean up your camp site before leaving.
  • Visitors enter the premises at own risk.  The resort will not be held responsible for any losses, damages or injuries.

We trust you will accept this in the spirit in which it was given and enjoy a long and happy association with Vyedam Naturist Resort; it’s Management, Members and Visitors.
Vyedam Management


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