nfcmHow to Date a Nudist when You Are Not One

Is it possible to find love with someone who is a nudist when you are not? Although you may have a different opinion about whether or not to wear a swimsuit to the beach, you can meet your nudist (or sometimes referred to as “naturist”) date halfway.

Instead of looking at the situation from a one-sided perspective (you may think that being naked is embarrassing whereas your date thinks it's great), to help the chances of your dating success, open your mind and embrace your differences. Regardless of whether he or she is a full-time or part-time nudist, you can find common ground to cultivate a healthy dating relationship provided you're willing to try.


Do your homework. Before you form an opinion about nudism or naturism, do some research to find out more about the lifestyle. For most nudists, being naked in a public (or even private) place has no sexual connotations; they practice the lifestyle because it helps them to feel free and one with nature. Special clubs, secluded beaches and even conventions are dedicated to naturism, where entire families convene and celebrate being human and embracing nature.

Determine how you feel about the topic. Your nudist date may have his or her personal opinion as to why the nudist lifestyle seems right, but you need to determine how you feel about the topic.
You have no opinion whatsoever. Since your date can’t be naked 24/7 and probably commutes to work, interacts with people on a daily basis and lives in modern society, you may not have any specific opinion about his or her nudism because you are not exposed to it (or have limited exposure). In some cases, you may be able to date a nudist without having to be part of the lifestyle and keep dates to public places and traditional social gatherings––what the nudist does on his or her own time is fine with you.
You're uncomfortable with nudism. Especially if you're uncomfortable with your own nakedness, you may be uneasy with your date’s nudism. Determine if you're uncomfortable around your date all the time or if the feelings of unrest arrive when he or she wants to be naked (while you are not).
You're curious about the lifestyle. Perhaps you don't want to join the revolution, but you're intrigued by naturism. You may want to do your own in-depth research and then, when you feel as if your date feels comfortable, ask questions.

Have a frank discussion about any hang ups. If this relationship is going to move beyond a few dates, you're going to have to ask questions and lay your feelings out on the table.
Choose an opportune situation to have the discussion, such as over dinner or coffee. Select a time when he or she is not naked so you can focus on the topic instead of the fact he or she has disrobed.
Determine when a discussion is important. If you have only been on a few dates and like the other person, see which aspects of naturism you can work through on your own. You don’t want to embark upon a serious discussion about what concerns you early on and upset or freak the other person out.
Get the root of the real problem. Before you embark upon your concerns determine which aspects of nudism bother you most. Is it that your date likes to practice nudism in inappropriate times and places or are you uncomfortable that he or she is a nudist in general? If you're uncomfortable with nudism in general, the problem may have something more to do with your personal opinions and experiences versus what the other person is doing. You may be confusing nudism with exhibitionism (something the media unfortunately manages to do too often and which some of the more prudish elements of society also champion). In this case, your understanding of nudism is mistaken and talking through the underpinnings of nudism with your date would be helpful.

Decide which aspects you can live with. If you really like the other person and want to continue dating him or her, you’ll need to determine if you can deal with his or her naturism. In many cases, you can work out when and where he or she practices nudism.
Establish times when nudism is off limits. If you aren’t a fan of naturism, but feel as if this relationship is one you're comfortable pursuing, lay down some ground rules so that everyone is comfortable. For example, if he or she likes to be naked at home but this makes you feel uncomfortable, make a rule that nudism is only okay when you aren’t around, at least for now. Be open minded though and say that this is something you will keep learning more about and maybe some day you'll feel differently.
Identify situations where you are okay with naturism, so that this isn't all about you and your hang ups. Such situations may include secluded nude beaches, clubs or in private places. Let your date know when you feel comfortable about your date getting naked.

Decide to be undecided and ready to grow. If this is your first experience with someone who is a nudist, try to remain open-minded and willing to embrace your date’s interest. That doesn’t mean that you have to become a nudist, however, as your feelings develop for the other person, understand that you may feel more comfortable with naturism and may eventually see it as a healthy lifestyle.
Acceptance of another's outlook on life doesn't mean that you need to participate wholeheartedly. Different pastimes and outlooks can make for a dynamic and exciting relationship in which both of you accept the other's pursuits without passing judgment or feeling compelled to join in. What matters is acceptance and not putting down the other person.

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